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Getting Your Braces off - What Happens on the Day?

The procedure to get your braces removed shouldn’t be a source of anxiety, but rather one of excitement and anticipation.

It’s time to get your braces off and enjoy your fabulous new smile!

After months or even years of wearing braces, it’s easy to get excited about the day when you finally get them taken off. However, some people worry about the actual process of having the braces removed, as well as what happens after your braces are gone. The procedure to get your braces removed shouldn’t be a source of anxiety, but rather one of anticipation. Soon, you’ll be seeing your new and improved smile, braces-free. We understand that knowing what’s going to happen can help to ease any worries, so here’s what to expect from your braces removal appointment.

You will have a set appointment to finally remove your braces. Be aware that there might well be reasons to postpone the removal. For example, if teeth have not moved adequately, or there has been some adverse growth, your Orthodontist might need to delay things for a few weeks. 

Before your braces off appointment, be sure to keep up with your oral care. How your teeth will look without braces depends a lot on how well you took care of them with the braces on. A clean mouth also makes the process of getting braces off much easier.

One common question we hear is: Does getting braces off hurt? For the most part, the process is painless. Many people report a feeling of relief once the bands and wires are gone. When the brackets themselves come off, it is not unusual to hear slight cracking sounds. Don’t panic, this is the cement between the bracket and your tooth cracking off. Your teeth are much tougher than this cement, so they will be fine. 

In previous appointments, your orthodontist would have discussed retainers after braces. Retainers ensure your teeth don’t move back to their old position or move with age. After the braces have been removed a 3D digital scan is taken of your teeth for retainers to be fabricated. You would usually have an appointment booked to come back the following day to get them fitted. 

After you’ve seen the results of your hard work in the mirror, we’ll take the all-important “after” photos to document your orthodontic journey. 

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