Braces are a very effective way of straightening teeth. Each braces treatment plan is tailored to the requirements of the individual. Braces involve attaching bonds or "handles" to the teeth and using various wires linked to these bonds to achieve tooth correction. In some cases bands are fitted to the back teeth.


Occasionally due to tooth or jaw imbalances we might need to extract one or more permanent teeth to achieve the best result. However, in the vast majority of cases we are able to avoid this. It is not unusual for wisdom teeth to be removed in the late teens.


In some extreme adult cases, jaw surgery may be required along with Orthodontics to accomplish both a well-balanced and aesthetic facial result. In these rare cases, our Orthodontist will discuss this surgery and the reasons for it.

Types of braces

Mount Lawley Orthodontics offers the latest in “braces” technology including stainless steel and clear ceramic varieties.

Braces removal

Removing your orthodontic braces is actually much easier and faster than putting them on. You may feel some slight pressure when we remove them using special dental instruments. Generally, the process of removing braces is not painful and will frequently be done in just two to five minutes.
After your braces are removed there will be some residual glue on your teeth. A polishing handpiece will be used to remove this without damaging your teeth. Depending on how sensitive your teeth are, you may experience a little sensitivity as the glue is being removed. Most patients do not experience any sensitivity at all, generally they would describe this process as a strange “tingly” feeling. Removing the glue is typically done in under fifteen minutes.

What happens after the braces are removed?

Following glue removal we will take a digital scan or moulds of your teeth for the laboratory to manufacture your retainers. These are typically fitted within 2-3 days of brace removal. You need to make sure you wear your orthodontic retainers as directed by your Orthodontist or your teeth will shift and you may have crooked teeth again!

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