Financial Options
Financial Options
financial options

Our Financial Options 

We are pleased to be able to provide affordable high quality specialist orthodontic treatment. Our practice offers simple treatment payment options for your convenience. Following assessment of your individual needs you will be provided with an itemised treatment quotation.

We can then offer a payment plan tailored to suit your orthodontic treatment. This consists of an initial deposit paid to the practice, followed by monthly Direct Debit payment instalments of a mutually agreed amount, once treatment commences. Payments are interest free and usually spread over 12 to 24 months.

Alternatively, a discount for payment in full may apply. This can be further discussed with our front desk staff. 

We accept payment by Electronic Funds Transfer, cash, cheque, Debit and Credit card (Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards only). Our bank account and Patient reference details will be provided upon request. 

A Direct Debit payment plan can help you achieve the Smile you want and deserve. 

This enables us to focus on you, your orthodontic treatment and ultimately your SMILE. 

  • No Interest
  • Simple and easy documentation
  • Flexible Payment plan terms
  • Extra Payments at any time
  • No penalty for early payout

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Health Insurance

Comprehensive itemised quotations are supplied prior to commencement of orthodontic care so you may check your health insurance entitlements. If your health insurance cover includes Orthodontic treatment, you will benefit from reduced personal costs. 

Many health insurance policies have a lifetime orthodontic benefit that is distinct from regular dental insurance and waiting periods apply. However, insurance policies do vary, so it may be in your best interest to discuss your policy with your insurance company. Please Bring your Health Fund Card with you to your visits. 

Accounts are finalised with our practice and you will be issued will all relevant documentation to then claim back from your fund directly yourself. Some items can be claimed immediately via our HICAPS machine, however not all. Comprehensive orthodontic specific codes, in particular Braces and Appliances are usually claimed through your health fund’s office, or their online claim process. 

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover Orthodontic treatment. 

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Health Industry Claims and Payment Service

 Health Industry Claims and Payment Service.

If my child needs early intervention treatment how much will this cost?

A number of appliances are used to treat younger children to improve function, preserve space and also gain expansion if needed. The cost of these appliances usually ranges between $600 and $2500.

How much do Braces cost?

Price can vary depending on your individual needs. An average course of comprehensive treatment with upper and lower metal braces is likely to fall in the range of $5000 to $9000. This cost covers the initial fitting, regular visits for adjustments throughout treatment, your retainers and extended supervision in retention. 

How much does Invisalign cost?

The cost of Invisalign for both upper and lower arches ranges quite widely, between $2000 and $9500, depending on how many aligners are required to achieve the result. However, the vast majority of our patients pay between $5900 and $7990. This cost covers your initial scans and fitting of aligners, all your aligners along with further scans and additional aligners as well as your retainers. It also covers all your visits for us to supervise your progress throughout treatment and extended supervision in retention. 

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