Early Intervention
Early Intervention
early intervention (ages 6-12 years)

Early Intervention (ages 6-12 years)

At this age we are mainly concerned about the normal growth and development of the child’s jaws and facial structure. We assess the symmetry of the jaws, future growth, breathing and airway problems, spacing of the teeth and oral habits which may over a period of time, result in abnormal dento-facial development.

Early orthodontic treatment may involve the use of removable plates, arch expansion devices, functional appliances, anti-habit appliances or partial braces.

There are several ways you can determine whether your child may need early orthodontic treatment. If you observe any of these characteristics or behaviours, you should see one of our specialist orthodontists for a consultation. 

  • Early loss of baby teeth (before age five)
  • If your child’s teeth do not meet properly when biting
  • Mouth breathing and/or snoring
  • If your child’s front teeth are crowded (you generally won’t see this until the child is about seven or eight years old)
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Biting or chewing difficulties
  • Speech issues
  • If your child’s jaw shifts when the mouth opens or closes
  • If your child is older than six years and still sucks a thumb or finger

Early orthodontic treatment begins while a child’s jaw bones are still malleable. They do not finalise their shapes until the late teens. Corrective procedures can often work faster and more effectively in younger children than they do for teens and adults. Appropriate early treatment is an effective interceptive measure that  can lay the foundation for a healthy and well-functioning mouth in adulthood.

If you think your child would benefit from early orthodontic treatment, only a specialist orthodontist has the training, experience and expert knowledge to determine the most appropriate treatment and the best time to start it. When you see a specialist orthodontist you can be confident that your child is in the best hands.

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