Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Why choose a specialist Orthodontist?

When caring for your smile, what if you had to choose between a Specialist Doctor with years of specialised training and thousands of successfully treated cases or a Doctor with a weekend certification and far fewer cases? Our Doctors have completed 4 years of Specialised training on top of their General Dental Degree in addition to the years of experience you can trust. Straightening teeth is what we do, all day every day.

Why choose us?

All of our competent qualified Staff are fully certified for the treatment they deliver. As a team we attend regular ongoing professional development training sessions and are committed to the pursuit of excellence, striving to offer superior service, comfort and results.

Our team offer bespoke treatment alternatives which are individually tailored to suit your lifestyle, budget and time requirements.

We have a special interest in adopting the latest innovations in straightening teeth including Invisalign® and iTero® scanning technology, clear braces, TADS and CBCT 3D x-rays . This results in our customers benefiting from the comfort, speed and appearance produced by cutting edge technology. 

We invest time in communicating with and educating our Dental colleagues. We believe that strong ties within the profession results in the very best of interdisciplinary treatment co-ordination for each and every patient we care for.

Ample free parking

Convenient Location – Ample free parking is provided to rear of the practice in Astor Lane. A Bus Stop is located at our front doorstep with frequent buses running directly up Beaufort Street from the Perth CBD, arriving at our location within a 5 minute journey.

Word of mouth from our existing patients is the way that we receive more than half of our new patients.

Flexible interest free payment plans are offered to meet your financial expectations.

Othodontics treatment

About our Doctors

Our three Specialist Orthodontists together have more than 40 Years of full time Orthodontic experience.
That’s a huge amount of time on monitoring jaw growth, dental eruption and knowing exactly when to intervene (and when not to).

They have in depth knowledge and experience of all the contemporary appliances such as fixed braces, Invisalign and removable plates. They have dealt with many surgical cases, trauma cases, missing teeth and all other possible complications.

After qualifying as dentists and gaining a minimum of 3 years general clinical experience, they each undertook an additional 3 years of full time Orthodontic training to qualify as Specialists. They continue to update their education they regularly attend Orthodontic Conferences and Clinical courses both interstate and internationally to keep informed of the very latest in treatment techniques.

Our Orthodontists are all active members of the Australian Society of Orthodontists and the Dental Specialists Society of WA.

Doctor Fiona HallDoctor Arti Dyett刘会川医生-口腔正畸专科医生

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