Meet the team
Meet the team
The Best Orthodontist Perth team

About Our Doctors

Our 3 Orthodontists together have more than 40 Years of full time Orthodontic experience.

That’s a huge amount of time on monitoring jaw growth, dental eruption and knowing exactly when to intervene (and when not to).

They have in depth knowledge and experience of all the contemporary appliances such as fixed braces, Invisalign and removable plates. They have dealt with many surgical cases, trauma cases, missing teeth and all other possible complications.

After qualifying as dentists and gaining a minimum of 3 years general clinical experience, they each undertake an additional 3 years of full time Orthodontic training to qualify as Specialists. They continue to update their education and regularly attend Orthodontic Conferences and Clinical courses both interstate and internationally to keep informed of the very latest in treatment techniques.

Our Orthodontists are all active members of the Australian Society of Orthodontists and the Dental Specialists Society of WA.

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