Our Smile Gallery
Our Smile Gallery

Please slide the white circle from right to left to view how orthodontic treatment at Mount Lawley Orthodontics changed these smiles, and our patients lives, for the better.

Case 1

This adult patient had significant crowding in both her upper and lower arches. She was treated with braces for only 14 months without the need to remove any teeth. 

Case 2

This child patient had severe crowding in her top jaw. She was treated with full braces and removal of 2 teeth. Her treatment took only 18 months.

Case 3

This adult patient had a very deep bite with her bottom teeth digging into the roof of her mouth. Her braces treatment took 20 months without removing any teeth.

Case 4

This child patient had a deep bite with a very gummy smile. She was treated with only 14 months of braces, along with a gum procedure. No teeth were removed with the exception of her wisdom teeth which were extracted following treatment. 

Case 5

This teenage patient had a canine tooth buried right up in the roof of her mouth, as well as severe spacing. Although her spaces were closed within 12 months it took almost 3 years for this complex case to be completed, with full braces and without removal of any teeth. 

Case 6

This child had such severe crowding, along with her facial form, that 4 teeth had to be removed, along with braces for 21 months. Removal of teeth is only necessary for a small minority of our patients.

Case 7

This young man had crossbites and an “underbite” (Class III). His cooperation was not the best which meant his braces treatment went on for more than 2 years, without removal of any teeth.

Case 8

This young teen had a very deep bite along with severe crowding. His toothbrushing was not always as good as it could have been and if you look closely you might see some white stains on the teeth.

He wore braces for 2 years without having any teeth removed, other than Wisdom Teeth.

Case 9

This child had even more severe crowding than you will see at first because there is a large canine tooth just emerging on the upper right with no space for it. Nevertheless, we were able to treat this case without removing any teeth, but it did take over 2 years of braces to do so. 

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