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Transfer Policy

Patients transferring from our practice please note

We appreciate that circumstances can change at anytime and re-location during orthodontic treatment can occur.

Early notification can assist us in ensuring easy transition to another Orthodontist. A financial assessment including a transfer fee will be carried out to establish if you have a further financial obligation or possible reimbursement. We will then provide a transfer letter and full clinical records.

It will be the responsibility of the new Orthodontist to provide a quotation to the family for the continuation and completion of the patients orthodontic care.

Please note, treatment systems and fees vary greatly across Australia and Internationally.

Prospective patients transferring to our practice please note

We will only accept the transfer of a patient in active orthodontic treatment (braces) when a transfer letter from a specialist orthodontist and full records (including x-rays, study models and photographs) are provided.

The orthodontist will view these records in advance to determine whether we will be able to accept the patient for continuation of treatment. We will then schedule an appointment for updated records and a full examination.

Transfer cases are invariably more complex and time consuming, and often involve different bracket systems, wire and appliance positioning. To reflect the additional clinical time and materials involved, fees for transfer cases will often be similar to (and in some cases will exceed) our typical fees for a full course of treatment.

Please be reminded that many orthodontic practices do not accept transfer cases at all.