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Choose your colours

Colours for Braces

When you are in braces you can choose new colours each visit if you want to. You can choose any combination of colours (as long as your brushing is good enough)!

If you want your braces to be less visible we suggest you choose silver or tooth coloured alastics.

You may wish to choose colours to support your favourite team or your school faction.

Have fun choosing!

Braces Colours 

Colours for Plates

You can choose your favourite colour for your removable appliance or Bionator, and for some retainers . You can also choose to add glitter sparkles to give your plate an extra fashion touch!

Plates Colours and Shades guide


Colours for Mouthguards

Protecting your mouth and teeth during contact sports and Martial arts is even more important during Orthodontic treatment. You can choose your favourite colour or perhaps your team colours. We even have some special patterns, to make your mouthguard extra special.

Mouthguard Colours

Standard mouthguard colours


Premium Mouthguard Colours

Premium mouthguard colours