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Emergencies & FAQs

Orthodontic situations that require immediate care are rare and generally aid can be applied at home until an appointment can be arranged during office hours at our clinic.

A small number of events that require immediate attention can occur, such as major appliance breakages causing excessive discomfort or if the patient has received a blow or trauma to their mouth ending in injury. Commonly during sport, if a mouth guard has not been worn lacerations to the inside of the mouth may result. Components of Orthodontic Appliances may become loose or in the most serious of cases damage can occur to teeth and their nerves. In this instance contact your General or Emergency Dentist. For young people, the Perth Children's Hospital offers emergency care for extremely urgent cases to assess the health of the teeth involved.

Please contact our practice after seeking immediate aid and we will schedule a suitable time to carry out any repair work on the appliance. Refer to our trouble shooting page for suggestions on how to attend to patient comfort.

For all other orthodontic problems, please view our troubleshooting information sheet.